Dining Room Winner

Designed by Joyce Buxton, Buxton Kubik Dodd Creative

Residence: Phil and Joyce Buxton


The look of Phil and Joyce Buxton’s 25-year-old home was dictated by its traditional architecture, which posed a challenge for the couple as they sought to update its interior. “Over the course of two-and-a-half decades, my tastes have changed and evolved more toward a modern bent,” says Joyce, who trained her keen design eye on the house. “I didn’t want there to be a disconnect between the exterior and the interior, but I did want to more accurately reflect where I had moved as a designer.” That meant finding strategic ways to transform the dining room while leaving certain features, like antique furniture pieces and aubergine walls that Joyce hand-painted, intact. “A lot of the time what I ask myself when I start a project is ‘What still works?’” Joyce says. “There were lots of things in this space that were not broken.” As for new features, beveled mirrors now cover one wall, and on either side of them are sleek, eye-catching new sconces. New hardwood floors and a stylish chevron-patterned area rug replaced old wall-to-wall carpet. Joyce had the original dining room chairs reupholstered with playful polka-dot fabric and selected a new credenza with a textured front and ivory color. Together, those and other design decisions bring the room a sense of lightness and uniquely balance modernity and timelessness. “I like it to have a curated, collected look,” Joyce says. “I’ve purposefully tried to make some kind of bold design decisions.”

Dining Room Resources

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Wood Floors: B&B Hardwood Floors Inc.

Custom Woodwork: Trademark Renovations LLC, 417-848-9245