Buxton Kubik Dodd Creative has been selected to be the Archtiect and the site masterplanner for the new $150M race track in Taney County.  Bob Stockdale will be the Lead Architect

Congratulations Bob!!!!

(Hollister, MO) -- A Branson developer says he can see the finish line for a proposed $150 million race track in Taney County.

The 800-acre site is just southeast of Hollister off Highway 65, and is called the Branson Entertainment Sports Complex.

The plan has moved almost as fast as the race cars themselves.

In less than 18 months, NASCAR could be a reality in Branson.

When looking over the proposed site behind his Taney County office, Russell Cook can't help but crack a smile.

"I can see the track already," he says. "Have for quite a while."

His imagination is quickly starting to take shape.

"There will be racing in Branson."

By September 2012, the developer envisions taking a trip down Highway 65, over to an extended Highway 86, back to his new $150 million, 100,000-seat race track.