An incredibly committed, talented, and focused practitioner, Jon Dodd is the ultimate architect. With outstanding skills in concept design, Jon has the uncanny ability to see multiple design solutions intuitively. His broad creative design abilities are only matched by his attention to detail and outstanding project leadership skills. His design solutions are pragmatic in their approach to the program, form, and materials. Jon has earned high praise from his clients again and again with solutions that turn out to be exactly what the client wants – even when they may not have known it. Behind that design inspiration is an immense amount of knowledge and an incredible work ethic. Jon balances an ability to not take himself too seriously with an unwavering focus on getting the job done right. He thrives on different challenges every day and is able to visualize the perfect solution for each new project. Jon takes great pride in the unique opportunity to influence the built environment positively and takes that responsibility with much care, always trying to go the extra mile for the success of the project.