Company History

Buxton Interiors, LLC was a professional corporation that had been practicing in all aspects of the interior design, space planning, and furniture specification in Springfield Missouri. The sole owner, Mrs. Joyce Buxton, NCIDQ, had been practicing in the interior design industry for over twenty-eight years. Buxton Interiors, LLC operated as a debt-free company and experienced professional success and award-winning interiors every year since inception.

In May of 2003, Buxton Interiors merged with Mr. Brian Kubik, a Licensed Architect with commercial and residential design experience, to diversify professional services. He brings a high quality design and architectural knowledge and a vast understanding of business systems and work efficiencies.  The company evolved into Buxton-Kubik Interior, Inc. and continued to offer all previous services but now included architecture, master planning, and construction management. The primary professional experiences of Mr. Kubik and Mrs. Buxton lend the expertise to form the partnership that specializes in interior design, interior architecture, product sales & construction.

In January of 2005, Buxton-Kubik Interior, Inc. partnered with Mr. Jonathan Dodd, a Licensed Architect to form Buxton-Kubik-Dodd, Inc Architecture + Interior Design. Mr. Dodd's architectural experience as an international award-winning designer adds to the diversity of the firms architectural group and brings a wealth of expertise in markets such as corporate office buildings, project master planning, developer retail, industrial, sports and recreation, religious, higher education and custom residential architecture. They continued to grow to become one the strongest and most recognized young Architectural and Interior Design Firms in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas.

Buxton-Kubik-Dodd, Inc. acquired Creative Ink in October 2010, forming Buxton Kubik Dodd Creative. The strength of Architect Robert Stockdale's 30 year experience in the design industry, including as HOK's Director of Design for their Judicial division, adds another layer of technical and planning expertise to the firm.  Stockdale is licensed in 18 states with a history of creating innovative and appropriate architectural solutions to complex building programs.

The most recent evolution involved the acquisition of local architecture firm Pellham Phillips, in April of 2013. This acquisition adds additional in house mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services to the full service commercial and residential architecture and interior design firm. Pellham Phillips will retain its 34 year old name and operate as an Architectural Engineering company. This highly skilled team of architects, engineers and interior designers now leads this expanded design firm forward into new markets and project types.

Company Philosophy

Interior Architectural Spaces provide the most intimate experiences of architecture. The challenge, especially for commercial buildings is that they must adapt to a variety of changing uses, to create architecture and interior architecture that endures while remaining fresh and functional.

Buxton Kubik Dodd Creative strives for design excellence with the understanding that the interior space has the most profound effect on people and can actively transform the way they live, work, and play. By understanding visions and goals, we can bring buildings and interiors to life by integrating space, technology and people.

We believe that each project has the potential to be a unique design opportunity, and our solutions will be tailored to respond to each individual's requirements. Budgets and schedules do not limit good, creative design; they define it and set the required parameters. Our project portfolio attests that we constantly balance form, function, and financial resources to achieve the best results for our clients and their building projects.

There are other elements evident in our past experiences; primarily among them is the experience of space itself, how the individual uses it, how the individual in the group reacts to it, how a visitor understands it. Our designs shall express order, create spatial and systems modules, and deal with such dichotomies as public/private, open/closed, service space and served space.

Our design decisions are based upon pragmatic concerns: flexibility, adaptability, ergonomics, environmental appropriateness of materials, human comfort, technology integration as well as less tangible, though no less essential ones image, pride, sense of community, and personal interaction.

We are convinced the design of interior architectural spaces can actively change the way people live, work, & play. Different types of spaces, furnishings, and amenities within these spaces should provide the elements, tools, and mechanisms not just to accomplish functional tasks, but also to achieve professional, business, and personal goals. As architects and designers, we use our knowledge and expertise to offer a wider range of architectural design possibilities to our Springfield, Missouri area clients.