Principal Architect Brian Kubik has been described with many glowing attributes by those around him, but he considers the biggest compliment to be, “He listens”. It is that desire to really hear what the goals are for a project that has allowed Brian to build long-term relationships with a loyal client base. If it is true that a firm has a heart, then Brian is not only the heart, but also the eyes, ears, and voice of Buxton Kubik Dodd Creative. His ability to view things from 10,000 feet above and look at the big picture while still being able to simply explain complex processes is invaluable for the vision he provides to both the firm and to his clients. His love of order and simplicity lends a clean and rational aesthetic to his work. With utmost confidence and proven design skills, Brian is able to successfully lead a project, at the same time making the process fun and fair for everyone involved. While he is unmatched in championing the design for a project, he is also the ultimate businessman and remains ever faithful to those first expressed goals for the project, always mindful of his client’s budget and schedule.